Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Three Friends...

I am meeting up with three lovely friends today.  Two of them are celebrating Birthdays, so I wanted to make them something pretty.  I didn't want the third friend to feel left out, and since she has just started her own blog, instead of a "Birthday present", she's getting a "Blogday present".

It was nice to sit and make each bag, thinking of the person I was making it for, and all the silly things we've gotten up to over the years.  I can't wait to see them and give them their presents, catch up on all their news, and indulge in breakfast "out".  Not something I get to do often.

This one is for Katie, its her Birthday next week and she likes handmade things, and blue...
This one is for Collette, another Birthday girl, and she likes things in earthy tones...
This one is for Shannon, its her Blogday and she likes every colour in the rainbow, so you can't go wrong really...
So there you have it, yesterday's little project.  I recommend you take a look at Shannon's blog.  She is incredibly artistic and her blog is going to be one very special place.  Here is the link.



  1. Thanks Tara! Had a great morning this morning and thanks for my beautiful drawstring bag. I thought maybe you could call it a drawstring travel bag? I shall have a look at those etsy stores too. This is a link to that doily table runner -

    Thanks again and good luck for sat - look forward to reading about it!!


  2. Hi Katie

    Thanks for the link - the doily table runner is awesome!! I'm counting down the hours until Market :0)


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